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ELF (Patent Pending) Details

Hunting the venemous lionfish in Caribbean waters

The ELF is the only enviromentally safe spear

Lionfish Control methods

We believe that our method of lionfish control is better than any available tool or spear.  Other methods often stir up the water and scare away the invasive Lionfish to more difficult locations or damage the very reefs we are attempting to protect.  We also believe the ELF (Patent Pending) is a better tool for both safety and effectiveness. The owners and developers of Reef Protection Incorporated have developed an ELF tool, "E- eliminate L- lion F- fish".
What makes this spear so unique is that it addresses several of the difficulties faced with other tools and weapons.
It makes lionfish hunting environmentally safe, effective, and fun.

Our goal is to do a part in slowing the lionfish invasion in the Caribbean.

We believe that until the ecosystem adapts lionfish hunts will be needed to push back the lionfish as a predator.

Our divers have tried numerous methods of lionfish control, but lionfish hunting with the ELF takes it to another dimension.



  • Safe to the diver, it is small and can easily attach to your BC and worn while jumping into the water. The ELF, until it is tensioned, is little more than a probe; it becomes effective only when trained how to engage. It is safe to the reef, because of its size and effective range; there should be no reason to touch the reef when properly used. Extensive field tests have found not one instance of an ELF hitting a reef. Divers are instructed on how to use the ELF in a manner to protect themselves from a painful lionfish sting.


  • When divers have used other methods, they are immediately converted to using the ELF. On numerous dives, when other tools have frightened Lionfish away, the ELF has allowed the diver to deposit all of the target Lionfish into the waiting dry bag for later disposal (eating is good disposal!). 


  • The Lionfish population is growing in our waters. To be a part of something that really works is fun; and because this ELF tool really works adds to the excitement! Nothing quite like a lionfish safari!
  •  A lionfish taken on a summer safari with an ELF tool

With Paralyzer Tip

Release Document
Purchaser/diver of the ELF hereby acknowledges the inherent danger in the activity of Lionfish hunting, or similar underwater activities involving the impaling, spearing, stabbing, or shooting of fish. User further acknowledges that accidental injuries while participating in this activity are always possible regardless of equipment, skill or experience level. Reef Protection Incorporated is not responsible for accidental injuries or death as a result of unsafe/irresponsible acts performed by diver and/or other participant while trying to control Lionfish or other activities involving the unintended use of our products. Purchaser/diver agrees to NEVER place tension on the ELF and point it at any target other than Lionfish or in supervised practice on inanimate objects... Purchaser/user agrees to NEVER point an ELF at another person or themselves under any circumstances! Purchaser/diver acknowledges that safety, awareness, common sense, and knowing your personal limits are essential to the enjoyment and longevity of the activity for all.


 WARNING: DO not target a lionfish where the follow through could hit any part of the Reef.. The ELF tool should not be used for any other purpose other than taking lionfish.
 WARNING: Do not engage the ELF tool outside of water with the paralyzer tip attached. Under no conditions should the spring be tensioned with the tip attached outside of the water.
Signed ________________________  Date_______________________

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